The Gary & Karen Luis bathroom remodel-a lot of picts because it turned out really nice!  The out dated tub and all white tile was demo'd & replaced with  current design features. 

E & L Tile & Marble did the fantastic tile work, Jeffco & the boys did the demo, framing, plumbing, electrical & finish work-awsome job! It included installing a pocket door system helping to create a larger feel to the room. The fixtures & lav are updated-we always suggest installing the 17" high toilet. We also like to install grab bar backing in the walls for future grab bar installation if needed. Accessibility is important for folks who plan in staying in their home for a long time.

Niches, benches and grab bars are a common theme in the designs of our bathrooms.  Gary & Karen did a great job picking out the different tile and accents that continue through the room as a wainscoat on the walls.

Skinner Vineyards & Winery at the Tasting Room: The veranda undergoing the concrete stain process by Jeffco & the boys. It's a multi-step, multi-day process. Here the acid stain has just been chemically neutralized. It may take two or three attempts to fully neutralize & scrub the slab.

 Jeffco applying the concrete lacquer to the stained concrete.

Hippy Mike detailing the stairway.

Jeff lacquering-the picture is from the deck above showing you the contrast between the lacquered & un-lacquered areas. The lacquer brings out the full depth of the stain just as in wood stain on furniture.

Skinner Vineyards & Winery near the Tasting Room parking lot: We're constructing  new rest rooms in the same architectural style of the tasting building.

Forming the retaining walls of the handi cap ramp to the bathrooms. 

Getting ready to pour the ramp slab. 

Jeff's framing up the subfloor before the snow storm.. 

311 Main St. Placerville: New owners, Accent Property Solutions LLC, Leasing Agents, Schirmer Properties and Snowline Construction have teamed up to remodel and restore this historic main street property. The main 3000+- s.f. two story space will be ready for a willing restuaraunteur to complete his or her culinary dream. The difficult part, the kitchen  exhaust system is now being installed through three stories and the roof. Next door in the same building is Winterhill, an artisan olive oil producer with an inviting tasting and retail space. Above on the third level are several offices available for lease, many with a nice Main St. Placerville view.

 311 Main St.: The fire rated grease duct at 311 going up through several stories  of a this great old building.

311 Main St.: The exhaust fan, access platform and ladder system being installed.

A cool timber truss design on a log home renovation we supplied the design, engineering permitting etc on..Happy Valley 2018

 384 Main St. Placerville: The Cascada Resturaunt. Demo & replacement of the rooftop parking area.

Patrick on the hammer-Demolition.

Johnny-Roof membrane repair.

 Setting up the slab.

Poured-the only rainy day in a month! Next comes a multi-step drive rated coating system. The only problem is we need at least 5 hours of 55 degrees so it sets up correctly or it's a disaster. We might have to wait until spring to complete this  project.

Johnny installing a new patio door system in Rescue. 

Johnny constructing a new tasting bar for Grace Patriot Winery in Camino. It is being fabricated from reclaimed doors. 

A frame up-I have absolutely no idea when or where this was-there's a lot more of those as I grow older....

Building the Jerry & Jane Quinnel deck & stairs to the cabin in Pollock Pines.

A patio deck for the Smiths in Sacramento. 

The Map Room building for Heritage Gold Mines at the upper portal, Forks of the Salmon, Trinity County 1996 

A Geometry problem, pool deck for the McArthy's, Placerville. 

A rustic addition to the Broken Arrow Archery club/store at the course way back in the '80s. 

A new deck for the Pukis family cabin in Pollock Pines.